Eastham Residence

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Eastham, MA
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Pura® NFC stands up to harsh Cape Cod winds

A popular summertime destination, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a hook-shaped peninsula on the New England coast. Because Cape Cod extends into the northern Atlantic Ocean, homes there face extreme winds, often carrying salt and sand. When designing a new Cape Cod home in Eastham, architectural firm Studio Troika sought siding that would maintain its beauty despite the harsh conditions.

The client also tasked Studio Troika with designing a house that would stand out as a statement piece and not look like every other one in the neighbourhood. Usually, an exterior designed for the Cape would need to be repainted or restained every few years. Instead, the long-lasting Pura® NFC by Trespa was selected. The team at Studio Troika had used Trespa® materials before and knew the longevity of the product. *While the Royal Mahogany colour used on this home is no longer available, Pura® NFC has a wide range of rich natural decors. 

Partner Michael Samra explained that Pura® NFC was selected for its aesthetic value as well. “The client wanted something modern yet warm.” Completed in 2018, the team was amazed by how durable the product was throughout the construction and installation process. Samra noted how pleased the clients have been with their new home. “They love it. This material is going to look great year after year.”

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