Top exterior trends from the 2024 International Builder’s Show®

April 15, 2024

Design and Construction Week celebrated two anniversaries this year!  80 years for the NAHB International Builder’s Show® (IBS) and 60 years for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).  The two shows have been co-located for 11 years, and combined DCW it is the largest annual gathering of residential design and construction professionals. 

Both IBS and KBIS recorded record breaking attendance, with 117,000 registered visitors visiting both shows.

There was much to see from a design standpoint at IBS with 1800 exhibitors on the biggest show floor since 2009. Following, is our Top Exterior Design Trends from the 2024 International Builders Show.

Grounding Natural Color

Warm neutrals of beige, warm gray and other soothing and grounding colors of nature create a welcoming and timeless look and pair easily with accent colors. 

  • Beiges and Off-Whites return, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while Dark Chocolate Browns give a grounding aesthetic.  These tones naturally compliment wood and stone while creating a sense of sophistication.
  • Yellow-based and blue-based Greens connect directly with nature and create an earthy and organic look.  A wide variety of greens were available to allow homeowners to select a green that compliments their personal style.
  • Blue is seeing a resurgence. Once considered a bold choice for exteriors, Navy and Indigo have now become striking and stylish – especially when paired with white trim and accents.

Budynek wielorodzinny Warszawa

Multi Housing Apartments - Warszawa , Poland
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Wood Returns to Home Exteriors

Always-in-style wood brings warmth and character to a myriad of home styles and is being seen in new stains, grains and applications.

  • Light and Blonde Woods provide a contemporary look while they create a bright and airy minimalist façade.
  • Rich Warm Toned wood like redwood, cedar and Brazilian exotics are making a comeback.  Red hues add depth and character.
  • Like chocolate browns in solid colors, Rich Dark Wood Tones of walnut and mahogany are emerging and feel luxurious, yet livable.
  • Thermally Treated Woods and Black Stains give a dramatic look to contemporary homes while providing unique graining patterns and textures.
  • Rustic Wood Grains create a charming and welcoming aesthetic.  Unique characteristics like heavy graining and texturing, knots and weathering add depth and visual interest.
  • Slatted Wood Designs first seen in home interiors, are now gracing unique and dynamic façades.  The slatted technique adds depth and dimension while allowing for creative play with color.