Focus on quality


At Trespa we strive to improve our living spaces and urban landscapes with enduringly beautiful, innovative solutions. Trespa® products have been used by architects and contractors around the globe for more than 60 years in a wide range of buildings from corporate to healthcare to multioccupancy to private homes.

We'd like you to meet two of the laboratory experts of our R&D centre ‘Next Material House’ (Nemho). They will demonstrate some of the rigorous testings applied to all Trespa panels ensuring the high quality of our products in terms of longevity, cleanability, colour stability and resistance to several extreme conditions.

We invite you to view the Trespa Quality video series below.
The tests focus on; chemical resistance; resistance to extreme weather conditions and UV light exposure; mechanical strength; resistance to fixing; scratching and impact; and the dimensional stability of the Trespa® panels.

Artificial Weathering Test

Trespa International B.V. is recognised internationally as a premier developer of high-quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative façades, and scientific surface solutions. Trespa focuses on the longevity of its products. Therefore the exterior cladding panels undergo a testing time in extreme weather conditions.

Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide

Pollutants in the air can degrade the panel properties. To validate these properties, the panels are exposed in Sulphur dioxide and then measured for appearances.

Resistance to Fixing Test

All Trespa panels are mounted to exterior applications and it is crucial to determine the force required to pull the screw out of a mounted panel.

Mechanical Strength Test

Trespa products are employed in high stress environments, so it is important to determine the loads a panel can sustain.

Resistance to Scratching Test

Resistance to scratching is an important test to characterize the quality of the surface finish in TopLab products. Using a diamond tip needle is used to apply an increasing load on the surface of the panel.

Resistance to Impact by a Large Diameter Ball Test

Trespa panels are used in demanding environments where preventing damage to the surface is critical. Through this test is measured the maximum amount of energy a panel can withstand without being damaged. 

Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures Test

Trespa products are used in a variety of climate conditions and therefore it is important to ensure dimensional stability.

Lightfastness Xenon ARC

It is crucial for Trespa to verify that the surfaces retain their colour throughout the lifetime of the panel. Therefore panels are exposed to constant dosages of UV light and measured for appearances.

Appearence Tests

It is important to Trespa that our panels retain their colour throughout their lifetime. Three different methods are used to validate the appearance of the surfaces.

Chemical Resistance

Trespa panels are used in demanding scientific applications, and therefore testing chemical resistance is especially important.