130 Addison Road Building

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130 Addison Road
CT 06095
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Retrofit of 1960s era building

Pura® NFC by Trespa creates distictive, long-lasting exterior for retrofit of 1960s era building.

When the owner of the 130 Addison Road multi-tenant, mixed-use commercial building in Windsor, Connecticut, undertook a complete renovation of the facility, one of their primary goals was to create a beautiful, durable façade for prominent parts of the 38,000 square foot (3,530 m2) concrete masonry unit (CMU) building.

Home to two tenants – a national logistics company and a wholesale supplier of electrical products – the building’s owners wanted a high quality cladding that maximized the exterior aesthetics while minimizing future maintenance costs. It was important to them to have a material that would help the facility be recognizable and different from other nearby buildings.

Solution in Pura® NFC

They found their solution in Pura® NFC (Natural Fiber Core) exterior sidings, a contemporary form of exterior cladding made from up to 70% natural fibers, impregnated with thermosetting resins. The sidings come in several beautiful, natural colors for a distinctive look.

The project team installed 5,500 square feet (511m2) of Pura® NFC horizontal of lush sidings on the building’s exterior walls, and vertically in the front vestibule. As with other Pura® NFC sidings, the Romantic Walnut color they used provides the warm look of wood, yet offers a long life and is easy to clean.

“I was most interested in Pura® NFC siding because of its unique product features, including the look of the flush-mounted cladding and its high quality assembly and finish,” said Erik Bartone, Principal of 130 Addison Realty, LLC. “The Romantic Walnut decor creates a high-end feel for the building.” And, since the one-story building has a large roof surface area that requires constant maintenance, minimizing maintenance requirements for the exterior cladding was crucial, added Bartone.

"The building owners, tradesmen that performed the installation, and the tenants are extremely happy with the product."

- Erik Bartone, Principal of 130 Addison Realty, LLC.

The siding’s ease of installation helped the contractors meet their aggressive eight-month construction schedule, which was driven by tenant occupancy needs. The project team installed Pura® NFC planks to cover the building’s CMU walls, resulting in a more modern and attractive exterior.

“The building owners, tradesmen that performed the installation, and the tenants are extremely happy with the product,” noted Bartone. “Tenant customers have commented on several occasions that they like its appearance, so have inquired about the manufacturer.”

Product attracts commercial tenants

The 130 Addison Road building is nearly 50 years old, and with the Pura® NFC façade and other renovations, including new paving and landscaping, the building looks brand new, explains Bartone. “In today’s economy, it is critical to create a product that attracts commercial tenants, and a place where they can feel proud to hang their sign at a location that matches their business standards.”

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