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The perfect holiday home adornment

There’s nothing like a holiday home. Whether it’s in a park with amenities and activities for kids or in a quiet landscape surrounded solely by nature, a holiday home is an escape to calm. For holiday-goers, it’s a chance to get away from the frenetic pace of life to spend peaceful time with family. For holiday-home owners, it’s an investment that pays out emotional as well as financial dividends.

All of this makes the choice of façade materials even more important. Holiday-goers want to curl up in an appealing building. Owners know that an attractive home is more likely to be rented, but they don’t want to spend time on onerous maintenance. Luckily, a façade made with Pura® NFC by Trespa offers both.

Pura® NFC offers a luxurious appearance combined with the hassle-free durability of precision engineering. The range of decors includes the rustic beauty of natural wood in an assortment of rich hues and the stylish modern feel of saturated matt colours with the velvety Pura® NFC Lumen. Holiday-goers enjoy the pristine beauty of their rental whilst owners are freed from the constant need for repairs. The high-pressure laminate is sealed by a proprietary Electron Beam Curing that locks colour in and dirt out. That means no seasonal repainting, just a little soap and water.

The system is designed to stand up to the weather, whether stormy sea air or humid sunshine. Unlike natural wood, there’s no need to replace it every few years. It’s designed to stay looking great for decades. Pura® NFC’s sister brand, Meteon®, has already been shown to last at least fifty years without repairs. With Pura® NFC, a single installation gives owners the long-term result of a lasting premium appearance with no worries about maintenance.

One holiday home operator found that buildings with sidings by Trespa had a 5-10% higher return on investment. They consistently had a higher occupation rate. Meanwhile, the cost of upkeep was lower than for similar homes without Trespa.

Make your holiday home a source of joy - not chores - for everyone!

*Source: Marc van der Poel

Director Somnium Recreatie B.V.

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