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Trespa® Building Materials Clad Prominent New England Library

Thirty minutes south of Boston, Massachusetts sits the premier Tufts Library, originally founded in 1879. The town was in need of a new library building and determined they would demolish the old structure and start fresh. Building a new library became an opportunity for the town; the building would become the focus of The Landing district within Weymouth, a central area in town in the midst of revitalization. Specializing in education and library design, Tappé Architects was chosen to design the community’s new library and neighboring park. Principal Chris Blessen shared the important role that the new library would serve. “The goal of the design was to create interior and exterior public space to anchor the community.”

Completed in 2020, the library has two main entrances. While the street entrance was clad with masonry to blend in with surrounding buildings, the park side entrance was given a warmer, softer look. To create the desired aesthetic, Trespa® cladding was one of a few main materials chosen for the library’s exterior. Both Pura® NFC by Trespa and Trespa® Meteon® were incorporated into the design to create a geometric form. Pura® NFC in Aged Ash and Slate Ebony was selected in conjunction with Trespa® Meteon® panels in Slate Wood. While the siding was used throughout the park side facade, Trespa® Meteon® was chosen for the bump outs of the library. The intentional pairing of materials created the inviting look that the team had hoped.

Having limited experience working with Trespa® materials in the past, Tappé Architects chose it for its low maintenance versus real wood. Maintenance and cleanability were key factors in the team’s decision. When it came to installation, the team spoke to some of the challenges having Trespa® clad corners intersect with the local Weymouth granite. Chris commended the team in their execution. “We had a lot of conversations about the corners, and we appreciated the team’s craftsmanship. Installer TJ McCartney and general contractor CTA Construction did a really good job.”

Now open to the community, Designer Paula McKane shared the positive response to Weymouth’s new library and park. “The director of the library loves the new building. It has been very well received.”



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