Trespa® Reimagine

Trespa launches brand-new campaign platform ‘Reimagine’

January 2022

Encouraging people to ‘Reimagine’ what Trespa stands for and can do for their projects.

Since its founding in 1960, Trespa has worked closely with architects, designers, installers, and distributors worldwide. With an enormous range of designs, unique patterns, and long-lasting colours, it offers endless design. The Reimagine campaign is a brand-new trigger for Trespa® Meteon® to spark that group’s creativity. Because of its high-end cladding options, it allows creatives now even more to reimagine almost every project and to design their next-generation architectural highlight.

New focus

The new campaign starts an inspiring dialogue with the several different professions that will be inspired by Trespa® Meteon®. As of now, this story will be integrated in all Meteon® communications. In the brochures, social content, product launches and all things that people will see when they are orienting on using Trespa® Meteon®, ‘Reimagine’ will play an important part.

How can Reimagine help? 

For building owners, principals and architects ‘Reimagine’ will spark their imagination, creativity, the willingness to create something unique and show what can be done with Trespa beyond what they already know. Whether it’s designing the building itself or the desired environment you envisioned for the occupants of the space, Trespa® Meteon® can match sustainability with style. 

For contractors and installers ‘Reimagine’ will moreover focus on reimagining the relation they have with the brand and what role Trespa play to make their lives easier. More focused on a practical no-nonsense way of communicating.  

To summarize: ‘Reimagine’ will become a platform that changes the conversation and inspire the target groups more than ever before. 

Expanding the portfolio

Besides the ‘Reimagine’ campaign, Trespa is also expanding the Meteon® portfolio with 4 new colours; 2 Uni Colours, 1 Wood and 1 Lumen. Within the unique Lumen range, Olive Green is brand new. The inspiration for this Olive Green was found in Tuscany, where the olive orchards breathe a rich green colour of olives ready for harvest.

The Trespa® Meteon® Lumen collection is designed in such a way that it allows architects to add a certain feeling of movement, depth, tone, and liveliness to their projects. All with the goal to create memorable façades that play with light, from extreme matt to sparkling gloss.