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Hi! Do you see the picture I got? That’s me, the Hub, at the World Cyclo-cross Championship. Can you believe that's me with world champion Mathieu van der Poel? I saw him duel it out in the sand of Oostend with Wout van Aert. I saw van der Poel go into the sea and Aert get stuck and we all just got covered in sand and dirt. It’s okay, though. It all washes off.

Here’s the cool thing: that’s only the beginning of my adventures! I’m travelling all over Europe to meet new people. I’ll be climbing the Alps, relaxing by a castle, lounging at a trendy hotel and – of course – seeing more cycling.

Who’s that fancy building standing behind a champion? It’s me, the Hub, with UEC cyclo-cross champion 2020 Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado. The star of team Plantur-PURA goes from success to success through training and hard work – plus an insane amount of skill. Me, I rely on old-fashioned engineering and quality design for my durability and good looks. We make quite an impressive pair, don’t we?

You know I’m always down for a grand opening! See that cool building behind me? That’s the new office building for Vink, a major plastics engineer and distributor in the Netherlands. So, what am I doing there? I’m helping them welcome employees to the new building, then hanging out for the Trespa® Trained Installer programme. We taught Trespa installation to like 45 local professionals - whilst showing all that our solutions have to offer, of course. With both the new building and me set up to stay striking for years, Vink employees will probably be talking about durability for years to come! Meanwhile, I just kept looking pretty.

That’s me – the Hub – in the French mountains with local installers.

Through Trespa® Trained Installer programme, we connect with the best contractors and installers across Europe. It also takes us through some beautiful (and remote) landscapes. No matter where you are, Trespa can come to you!

That’s me again in Ordingen!

I went back to Ordingen – and I brought friends! That’s me, the Tauko Hub, hanging out on the Ordingen Castle grounds with some of the best installers and contractors in the Benelux area. What can I say? I know people. The whole thing was part of TTI, the  Trespa® Trained Installer programme. See, Trespa doesn’t just take care of people by creating siding that stands up to the weather and time. It also supports installers and architects. If you want to join us, just drop us a message!

That’s me at the Word Cyclo-cross Championship

I started my travels by cheering on my hero Mathieu van der Poel and the Alpecin-Fenix team at the World Cyclo-cross Championship. On June 26, I gathered customers and installers to cheer them on in the Tour de France. We enjoyed great food in a beautiful setting as we cheered our heroes on to victory! Get that yellow jersey! In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sun and sea air, confident that my Pura® NFC siding can take on any weather. I wonder where I should go next… 

That’s me in Ordingen

How am I getting there? Well, it’s a good thing I’m tough. I get loaded on a truck and trundled around some thin winding roads and some busy streets. I arrive looking good because, luckily, I’ve got a pretty sturdy build. (I’m actually hoping to show that off on a football pitch. Fingers crossed!)

I’ll be going from sand to snow and back again because I love meeting new people. You see, I’m made with this cool siding that people have to see to believe. They touch the dark velvety matt walls or textured woodgrain siding, and they start thinking about building projects of their own. Especially when they see how impervious I am to wind or rain or salty sea air.

I’ll be visiting some of the best spots in Europe. Follow me on the socials to see where I’ll go next.

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That’s me at the Amstel Gold Race!

It’s true. The Amstel Gold Race is the Netherlands’ most beautiful road race. And I was there to see it! Not only did I get a prime spot at the finish line, but I also got to host interviews with the top three. I’m so excited that my adventures have taken me from the World Cyclo-cross Championship to Ordingen Castle to the Amstel Gold Race. With Pura® NFC durability, I’m still looking pristine and ready for the next adventure. Where will it take me? You’ll have to follow my socials to find out!

What’s even cooler than hanging out at a castle? Road-tripping to get there! Check out this video of my journey from Budé through some gorgeous Belgian countryside to the historic Ordingen Castle. Notice how easy it is to get me into place. That’s because I’m tough but I’m not heavy. I can truck down cobbled streets and drop right into place. It’s a classy look, right?

Getting to the Cyclo-cross World Championship takes skill and determination. For riders like Mathieu van der Poel and Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado, it takes hard physical training and pure mental grit. For me, it took precision building by Budé and stylish durability from Pura® NFC. I even have colour-matched accessories so I can look pristine – and easy cleaning so I can stay pristine even as I’m watching the grittiest part of the course. Check it out: