Princess Anne Middle School, Virginia Beach

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Pura® NFC
Romantic Walnut
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New Building
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2509 Seaboard Road
VA 23456
Virginia Beach
United States

Virginia School Sought Durable Materials for a Natural Feel

From the onset of the project, designing the new Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach, Virginia came with some critical design requirements. To name a few, the team at RRMM Architects was chosen to design a school over 250,000 square feet in size that would be bright and light in the community, with connectivity between indoor and outdoor learning, with the ability to produce much of its own energy, and of course, be delivered on budget. In this community, the philosophy is that where you learn matters, and the new school would have to reflect that. Architect Rob Berz shared that the team developed a design in which all spaces have a connection to the heart of the school with a circular courtyard. “We wanted radial walls coming from that courtyard to be of a different material,” Rob stated.

When sourcing materials, Rob shared that they explored many different options. “Once we decided to include woodgrain exterior elements, Trespa® products had the qualities that we were looking for.” Among those qualities were both durability and aesthetics. RRMM performed their own range of informal quality tests to Pura® NFC by Trespa siding samples – knowing materials for the school would have to last – and were happy with the product. PU08 Romantic Walnut was selected for the design. “The woodgrain that we selected mimicked the warmth and overall look and feel of the neighboring homes.” Rob also noted that the local Trespa® sales rep was helpful in the selection process, providing samples and being readily available to answer questions.

Completed in 2021, Princess Anne Middle School will produce over 60% of the energy needed for the building thanks to the solar panels installed. The Pura® NFC siding complements the earth-toned brick used in the design, creating a natural feel for the space. Beyond meeting the timeline and budgetary requirements for the project, the owners are very pleased with the new school. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design -- the variety, scale, colors, and textures used. As for the architectural team, Rob shared, “we are pleased that we helped to create a place that students and staff are excited to come to each day.”

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