Pura® NFC

Exterior Sidings

Pura® NFC by Trespa is a complete solution

Pura® NFC is engineered to be used in a ventilated façade solution that’s easily installed. The design allows for an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, providing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation. The ventilation combines with resolute durability to help Pura® NFC withstand even challenging climates. 

Engineered to last

Striking and adaptable

The premium façade solution is designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed. Pura® NFC can stand out as an architectural element or harmonize with the landscape or other building materials

Locks beauty in

Its closed surface minimises dirt build-up and makes the siding easy to clean. In addition to keeping the building looking great for years, the system can lower the owner’s expenses by protecting the wall from rot and the interior climate from the outside weather. 

Lab testing for extreme weather conditions

Each sample is exposed to the equivalent of a decade’s worth of extreme solar radiation using Xenon lamps. In other tests, it's exposed to the damaging elements of wind, rain and salty air. It's then checked against the originals to confirm it's maintained vibrancy and polish - and real-world results bear this out! 

What the professionals say

Environmentally friendly in the lap of luxury

“We chose Pura® NFC for sustainability, durability and weather resistance. The siding material had to be durable and long-lasting so that the building wouldn’t become expensive to maintain.”

What the professionals say

A tight timeline and a need to stand out

“The building owners, the tradesmen that performed the installation and the tenants are extremely happy with the product.”