Pura® NFC by Trespa adds two eye-catching Lumen decors for facades that stand out

Popular and durable siding expands its palette to include velvety dark matt colors

Renowned cladding and siding manufacturer Trespa recently added two Lumen decors to its Pura® NFC range of speciality decors for homes and low-rise commercial properties. The façade solution combines a high-pressure laminate with a specially developed installation system to create attractive siding with state-of-the-art durability. And it now comes in one of Trespa’s most popular designs.

With the release of Pura® NFC Lumen, architects can create stylish modern facades that will stay pristine with little maintenance and no touch-ups or repainting. All Pura® NFC products are lab-tested to ensure they stand up to the elements.

“In a housing market that demands curb appeal, nothing speaks to builders and homeowners more than a product that combines beauty and long-lasting durability,” said Todd Vezina, Commercial Vice President, Trespa North America. “The new Lumen colours ensure that homes and buildings will both stand out and stand up to nature’s biggest challenges.” 

“Grey continues to be the hottest neutral in home design, while black brings an air of sophistication and drama to a home’s exterior,” said Gerri Chmiel, Senior Design Manager, Formica® Surfaces, FENIX & Trespa® Brands. “Metropolis Black and New York Grey are excellent additions to the Pura® NFC collection, providing even more options for beautiful and durable exterior siding.”

Lumen was first introduced in Trespa’s Meteon line of cladding panels in 2015. The matt surface of Lumen gently disperses light, creating a soft illumination in a saturated hue. Architects who are interested in playing with more reflective material can request a glossy specular or weathered oblique finish for light-infused texture. All Pura® NFC decors come with a full set of matte color-matched system components (screws, profiles) for an installation that’s as easy as the resulting product is beautiful.