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Exterior Sidings

Elevate your building's exterior with enduring elegance through premium exterior sidings

Enhance your building's exterior with Exterior sidings from Trespa. Pura® NFC is a premium facade solution that embodies enduring elegance. With its durability, low maintenance, and easy installation, it retains its beauty and smooth surface even in challenging weather conditions.


Pura® NFC

Pura® NFC by Trespa is a complete solution.  Pura® NFC is engineered to be used in a ventilated façade solution that’s easily installed. The system includes an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, allowing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation.

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Pura® NFC Lumen & Wood Decors

Pura® NFC by Trespa clads buildings in enduring elegance – maintaining its beauty and smooth surface in the face of the elements. The premium façade solution is designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed.

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